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Is educating negociating?

I read everything! Dolto, Almos, Rufo... Positive education, vertical education, advice from my mother, friends.
Well, we're going to be pragmatic!

Front cover of the book 'La cause des enfants' by Françoise Dolto.

The kids will take care of setting the table without me repeating the same instructions for the 10,000th time and I will give them their video games moment.
Am I a bad mother?
Is it blackmail?

Let's talk franckly!
The idea that children bring me: is it motivation or blackmail? In any case, we already frame their “consumption” of video game with more or less irritation. For us, it's always too much and for them, it's not enough. As much as it benefits all and especially that it becomes now a subject of discussion and explanations.
So I decide, it will not be blackmail. Otherwise, our whole life would be a great blackmail.

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I confess, I’m hooked!

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To my emails more than anything, Facebook a bit and luckily not at all to video games!
That, that’s my husband!
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A completely new experience!

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Some parents have asked to be able to allocate the same goal to several children simultaneously and this is now possible.
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Can a tool educate our children?

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When you buy the multifunctional mega robot that you dreamt about for 3 years, do you really think it will also wash your vegetables, peel them and put them in the oven?
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Everyone looks for recognition.

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When they were small: “Mommy, look how fast I run!”, “Daddy, look how high I jump!”
Now that they are bigger: “Look, I am soon taller than you!”
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Why being scared of technology?

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Let us return to this idea of a board of points drawn by the children at the origin of Family Pact.
They constantly tell me that I was born in the Middle Ages and wondered whether television existed in my days. So I have my revenge...
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I accept the deal!

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“Giving your child appropriate rewards for achievable goals helps him develop into an emotionally healthy adult”, says Dr. Fassler.
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Educating your child isn't always easy!

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Being sometimes outdated by 2 kids is a classic situation. And I know this!
Especially having the feeling of a lack of listening and at the same time not being listened to.
This is where an idea emerged...
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